Rest in faith.

The days are hot and the nights are long. Hot summers can make us lethargic and make it hard to keep up with our regular pace. So how might we keep our spirits fed and our faith aflame while our bodies slow down for the summer and crave rest and relaxation?

Sometimes recognizing our faith can be based on an act of reframing. Where are you called to lounge, and what makes that place special? Who are you spending your time with, and what do they mean to you? Consider how you live out your faith even in your time off, and how that time off can help to recharge our spirits for the work ahead.

We also just had a sermon series on sabbath and the importance of rest. Is your rest refreshing you, so you are ready for the work ahead, or have you found rest that is not energizing, or refused to stop working to the detriment of your longevity and patience? Taking a break can be hard work (truly!) but not taking a break makes us less effective in time, and can lead to burn-out.

Jesus takes time alone. He retreats. He talks to God and asks tough questions. Jesus also centres his ministry by gathering unlikely groups at the table – praying and teaching with food at the forefront, and making friends and connections in unexpected places and people.

Some suggestions for how we might rest: take a break from social media or from news updates. Notice your mood, and how it shifts and changes with a change of habit such as less screen-time, or no screen-time, before bed or first thing in the morning.

Living relationally, the work can be (re)distributed. There are all kinds of work, and only some get paid. What kind of shifts have you felt as of late, or what have you found in trying new and different work?

God calls us to be present to those around us. Jesus specifies that the poor and downtrodden have a place in his teachings, and that those with the lowest status will be most welcome in the kin-dom. Let us continue to eat together, learning as we chew on new perspectives and insights brought by those outside our usual social circles. Who are you eating with today?

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