As we enter the season of Lent, it is a time to reflect on our relation to Christ and what it can mean to us. Many will consider how we might better live in to our values as followers of Christ. We can shed old ways of being and doing which are no longer serving us and pick up new intentions, good habits, and set aside time to reflect and listen for that still, small voice within us. Being attentive to wild spaces, remembering that Jesus, too, wandered the desert, can help us to connect with the world around us. We might note the turning of the seasons. We can stop to watch new life spring forth around us all.

Most often I hear Lent associated with giving up something, often something we enjoy, but occasionally a habit that does not benefit our health. A few years ago, the wise Laurel Dykstra (of Salal and Cedar outdoor ministries) shared that in Lent, rather than giving up something and depriving themselves, they try to pick up a new habit. With their example, I tried to be more attentive on my walks around town, and I noticed a difference right away. Removing my headphones, intentionally leaving my phone in my pocket, backpack, or at home, I suddenly saw life all around me that I had been missing. Exchanging smiles and nods with neighbours was a habit I had fallen out of, and turned out to be a small connection that I missed. On the West coast, this is an especially lively time as birds return and life springs forth from the ground and, seemingly, nearly every branch and plant as well. Weeks ahead of others across Turtle Island, we can start to prepare for gardening and can begin to get outside more often – for those of us who may have been hibernating over the colder rainy months. I know as we approach Lent my bicycle has started to look more inviting. My second bike ride of the New Year was even more enjoyable than the first, after I pumped up my tires! Breathing new life in to everything seems to be the key to emerging in to spring!

Jesus led the way through these forty days of wandering, and came through any doubt and despair to emerge triumphant in his own way, challenging empire until the very end, and even overcoming the finality of death. If ever the spring air is not quite enough, hopefully the memory of Christ, crucified and risen, can lead us out of despair and temptation and in to the holy land, where justice will prevail for all and love shall reign again. Because we do know that resurrection is coming, it can ease the pain of wandering and help us be still and wait attentively. Even while we enter Lent, let us hold on to hope and live in to the love that Jesus called us all to live out.

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