Gratitude is a theme we focus on during this aptly-named Thanksgiving season. As fall rolls in, we often reflect on what we are grateful for. For those of us who are blessed with good fortune,  we remember the privileges and amenities we experience in our day to day lives. For those of us who are struggling, there is often some blessing to remember or someone to be thankful for.

What would our world look like if this thankfulness was a year round activity? What if we went deeper and ensured others can also access these experiences which we are grateful for?

If we remembered to be grateful in the midst of summer, might we invite someone else along on our picnic, share a cabin or vacation with another family, stop complaining about the hot weather and enjoy it for a change? I wonder if reflexive thanksgiving might help us to ensure everyone had enough water to sustain life through the hottest days of summer.

In the bleak midwinter, what if we remembered how blessed we are to have homes to keep us warm and dry? How might we change how we interact with those who do not? Outside of the Christmas season, might we remember that those without need and deserve care and warmth as much as any of us?

In the springtime, might we remember the generous bounty of nature, and extend that to our neighbours?

I hope this thanksgiving can live on in our hearts. That we can carry this spirit of sharing beyond one weekend of busy kitchens and full dinner tables. May our food banks overflow all year as much as our fridges do after this tasty holiday.

What might you be grateful for this fall? And how might you share that gratitude with those around you?

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